About Turkey Creek Hunt Club
Turkey Creek Hunt club is a well established tri-game still Hunt Club (Turkey-Hog-Deer) located in Taylor County.  Our lease consists of 3121 acres.  We are in the process of establishing a quality deer management program  to grow healthier and larger deer by the use of supplements and food plots.  At Turkey Creek Hunt Club we want to ensure we are doing our part to manage our deer herd to provide our members with quality deer and not just an abundance of them. Tu
hat had 10,000 acres and was in  for 23 years.   We leased 3121 of their 10,000 
We are located deep in the woods in Taylor County, Perry, Florida and have some of the best deer in the County that roam thru planted pines, gallberry thickets and clear cut areas.  The # 8 buck taken in Florida was taken just a few miles south of us in 2008.  A four wheel drive vehicle is required to get to the property which is some 16 miles in the woods.  An ATV or side-by-side is required on the property to access all roeads.       

This area has low wet areas and plenty of high and dry ground. This diversified habitat is also very well suited for wild boar, and as you will see from the photos, we have some of the best hog hunting that Florida has to offer. We also have the Eastern wild turkey, and an on many mornings you can hear 5 or 6 or more gobbles in different directions.  Many members have taken some fine tropheys while hunting on this property and some have taken there first animal with us.  

Our Club is limited to ten (10) members.  We are no drama, no bs, family oriented Still hunt club. Your not going to find a bunch of drunks hoot'n and howl'n so if that is what your looking for don't apply here. Brown is NOT down here at Turkey Creek.  We consider our club to be a Tri-Club (turkey, deer and hog).   We love our hunting and take pride in our club and have an enormous amount of respect for the animals, each other and the property.  Safety is our number one concern.  All members must pass a background check- no one with a felony is permitted.

Turkey Creek Hunt Club
We have a campsite on the property with running water.  You will need to provide your own generator for power.  There are several quality motel/hotels in the area if you prefer.   Click on the link to the right for a list of accommodations.


You are allowed 2 does and 2 bucks. Your 1st buck must be 4 points or better, your second buck must be 6 points or better. Antlerless deer tags are alloted in the early fall.  Occasionally we have a cow horn spike that we will allow children to take.  Guests are not permitted to kill deer.

You may hog hunt all year long.  You are not allowed to kill pregnant sows or sows that are still nursing piglets.  All hogs must be over 40 pounds.  You may also night hunt hogs (provisions apply). 

You are allowed 2 fall gobblers and 2 spring gobblers.  No guests (your children are not considered guests) are allowed to kill Turkey at any time.

There are several quality deer processing facilities 5 miles down the road that will take your deer "whole" and process it for $75. You choose what cuts you want and they will package your deer and you can pick it up fully frozen at your convenience.  

Each member gets two hunting sites and is allowed as many treestands as they like on their sites. The two hunting sites are 300 y​ards squared each so to speak.  If at any time you wish to change your sites you may to any available site of your choice.

If you do your homework and with some hard work it will pay off- just like anything in life! 

We can tell you all day long how great the property is and how much we love it, but until you come out and take a look you will not be able to appreciate just how awesome it is. We are confident you will not be disappointed. Please telephone me with any further questions at 772-584-0493.

Best regards,
Cynthia Leger, President
Turkey Creek Hunt Club